Broadly speaking, we are two things:

The first thing we are is a place to access interesting audio content, such as novels, short stories, poetry, essays, articles and plays, all of which have been created specifically for the ear. By focusing predominantly on new writers and on classic works with expired copyright, we ensure that our content is free to access for personal use.

The second thing we are is a space for writers, producers, actors, voice artists, directors, sound engineers, musicians, and other ‘media artists’ to connect, collaborate and create the interesting audio content described above. We are open to all, from rank novices to seasoned pros, and we accept that people will have very diverse reasons for wanting to be part of a shared creative experience. From pure hobbyists seeking nothing more than an outlet for creative expression, new entrants to the creative industries hoping to build a portfolio, right through to established professionals wishing to develop new markets for their skills, we aim to cater for all. We believe that audio books offer the most accessible, entry level, format for collaborative artistic enterprises, and furthermore such productions can be realised via web exchange with minimal resource requirements.