• A Burns Collection

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    Collaborators: Robert Burns (writer)
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    I've always been a fan of Robert Burns, both the romantic and the rogue, but especially because of his belief in our common humanity. These are just some of my favourites and include To A Mouse, To A Louse, Auld Lang Syne, Address To A Haggis, Rantin' Rovin' Robin, A Parcel O' Rogues and Mary Morrison.

    A Burns Collection
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    1. Beautifully read, Gurmeet. On a political point, I cannot dispute the suffering of the Scottish peasantry down the ages, but as an English peasant myself it saddens me to feel as blamed for the suffering of my fellow proletariat just by dint of my Englishness – although as I come from border reivers my Englishness is just an accident of history. The first English colony was England itself; and that’s where our rulers first mastered the art of brutality. For me the struggle is a class struggle and I worry about retreats to nationalism, as I consider national boundaries artificial constructs designed ultimately to divide and conquer the masses. But I cannot deny the power of the words and of your quietly understated reading.

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